3 Tips That Will Help You Save Money On Appliances

If you are in the market for some new appliances for your kitchen, here are three tips that will help you save money and make sure that you are getting the best buy possible. 

#1 Do Some Comparison Shopping

Once you determine what appliances you want to purchase, do some price comparison shopping. Many retailers nowadays will match their competitors price if you are able to pull it up on your phone and show that you can get the same appliance elsewhere for less. This is a handy strategy to help you save additional money in-store without having to physically visit additional retailers. A few retailers not only price match, they will also offer a set percentage off their competitors price to ensure that they keep your business. 

#2 Be Willing To Negotiate

Too many people assume that the ticket price that they see on the appliance when they go into a store is what they are going to have to pay. However, when you actually try and ask for a lower price on the appliances you are interested in purchasing, this strategy generally does work. Many retailers will give you a discount if you ask for it or waive the delivery and installation fee for you. It is worth it to ask for a discount because you may actually get one. 

#3 Buy Your Purchase With Gift Cards

There are now websites that re-sell gift cards for less than the face value of the gift card. For example, you can find a gift card with a face-value of $100 for $90 on one of these sites. If you really want to save some money on your purchase, order these discount gift cards from gift card re-selling sites to save some money on your purchase.

The percentage off from the full value of the gift card can vary from a small percentage, such as 3%, up to a much larger percentage, such as 15%; either way, you are able to reduce the overall amount that you pay for your new appliances by using these gift cards to make your purchase. 

#4 Track The Price Of Your Appliance After You Purchase It

If you purchase your appliance through a retailer that has a price adjustment policy in place, where they will refund you the difference if the price of the appliance goes on sale at their store within a set number of days after you make your purchase. Be sure to follow up and check out the price during that time period so you can take advantage of any potential reimbursements that you may be able to get. This is a great way to save money even after you make your purchase.

Use all four money saving tips above to get the best price possible on any appliance that you purchase for your kitchen. For more information, contact local professionals like Danville Appliance Sales & Service.

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