Front-Loading Washing Machine Problems? 2 Signs You Need A New Washing Machine Drum (Tub) Or Drum Seal

If you purchased a good-quality washing machine and are now experiencing problems with it, then you need to find out what the problem is. If you are like most people, you don't really understand how all of the parts of your washing machine interact while getting your clothes clean. However, that doesn't mean you can't troubleshoot it to figure out which parts may need to be repaired or replaced. Here are two signs that signal you simply need a new washing machine drum, which is also often referred to as the "tub," or drum seal. 

1. Your Clothing Is Getting Ripped and Torn While Being Washed

Does your washing machine seem to be working relatively well but you just find random rips or tears on your clothing here and there when you pull it out? Before you allow your washing machine to destroy any more of your family's clothing, look closely inside the washing machine drum. 

Many washing machine drums are not smooth inside, but instead textured to help get your clothing extra clean as it agitates in the detergent-filled water. If yours is textured, then run your hand (carefully) along the surface of your drum to check for any pieces of sharp metal that may be sticking out and any cracks in the drum. 

If find any pieces of jagged steel poking out or cracks in your drum, then you have found the cause of your torn clothing. Before you wash any more clothing, you will need to replace the drum to make sure your washing machine doesn't damage it. To find a new drum for your washing machine, visit a website where replacement washer parts are sold and follow the website's instructions for ensuring you choose a new drum that is compatible with your machine. 

2.  Socks or Other Small Clothing Items Are Disappearing

It is such a common problem for socks to go missing in the washing machine that it is joked about often by comedians. However, unless you have children who are prone to throwing one sock in their clothing hampers and forgetting to put the other in there, this problem is likely caused by a drum seal that needs to be replaced. 

Your front-loading washing machine likely has a large rubber seal located around the edge of the front of the drum. Over time and after exposure to hot water that can distort rubber, it can begin to get looser and looser as the rubber loses its integrity. This seal should be so tight that if you were to pull on it, it wouldn't budge much. However, if you suspect that your seal is loose and pull on it, you may be surprised at what you find inside of it! 

It is fairly easy to replace a washing machine drum seal and you typically only need a couple of tools to do it. You can also find these on websites that sell replacement washer parts. Once you change your seal this time, it is a good idea to check your new one regularly for looseness and other signs of wear and tear, so you can replace it before it starts "stealing" your clothing items again. 

If you are experiencing washing machine problems, then you can save a lot of cash by finding out what the cause may be and then ordering new parts to fix it yourself. You then don't have to purchase a brand new, expensive washing machine or even pay for professional repairs unless absolutely necessary. For more tips, contact a company like Terry's Appliance Center.

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