Have Hard Water? Try These Solutions

The concept of hard water is something that you may not even understand until you must experience it every day. Usually, you'll only notice details like lack of lather in the shower and when cleaning dishes, or dull and lackluster laundry that's supposed to look cleaner than it does. Your water could also taste differently and strangely when compared to the water in other people's homes or your last place. Consider these solutions.

Test Your Water

Water testing kits are needed before having further thoughts about the situation. Purchased at any home project store and many grocery stores, such kits will alert you to lead levels and the amounts of other substances and minerals. Knowing for sure what minerals are represented in your water should guide further actions. If you are already considering water softeners, for instance, you'll be likely to select systems which address your actual problems.

Purchase Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar can alleviate some hard water effects. For example, one irritating symptom of hard water is that shower heads and faucet filters become easily clogged with existing mineral deposits as time passes. Vinegar can weaken those deposits enough so you can brush them away or clean them out. Putting shower heads and faucets in a big plastic bag or bucket filled with cider vinegar overnight should soften buildup so that you can have a better water flow from clean pieces.

Vinegar is also helpful with your dirty clothing and linens. Splashing some vinegar into your washer after it's been loaded up will result in a brighter, fresher load of clean laundry after the cycle's completed. Water softener tablets could be another straightforward solution.

Take Quick Showers

Your own skin could be paying the price of hard water because you wash your hands so often and shower daily. While hard water shouldn't hurt you, it is likely to dry out your skin's surface, leading to overly dry skin. Address this by limiting exposure to the water; shower quickly, for instance. Apply moisturizer daily so that you can combat skin dryness.

If all these measures don't seem to result in positive changes, you must seriously consider home water softeners for your property. You will need to consider how many people use water to ensure your softener will accommodate all the water use in your home. Consult water softener and treatment contractors, such as Hague  Quality Water of Kansas City Inc . They'll advise you regarding softening treatments which can be installed.

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