3 Things Your Vacation Rental Should Have

If you've recently decided to fatten up your financial portfolio by purchasing a vacation rental, you're probably feeling a mixture of nervousness and excitement. Because the economy is in good shape, the vacation rental market is healthy these days, and real estate is rarely a bad investment. However, it can't hurt to give your property an edge over others in the area, and to do that, it helps to think like someone on vacation when deciding what amenities you should place in your rental.  

People look for certain amenities in vacation rentals that they don't necessarily have at home, so simply equipping your rental with a nice coffeemaker and comfortable furnishings often isn't enough. Keep in mind that those who opt for vacation rental homes over traditional hotel rooms are seeking something with a little more to offer. The following are three amenities that can make your vacation rental stand out from the rest. 

A Hot Tub

Many busy people don't have time for hot tubs and other spa-like activities except for when they go on vacation, and they're going to find a vacation rental with a hot tub far more appealing than one without a hut tub. Be sure to stock big, fluffy towels as well, and you might even consider supplying comfortable robes for an extra-nice touch.   

A Fireplace

If the vacation home you purchase doesn't already have a fireplace, it wouldn't make financial sense to have a traditional fireplace installed, but that doesn't mean the home has to go without. Gas fireplace inserts are far less expensive to install, and they come with the added bonus of not having to deal with the kind of mess involved with using wood, such as ashes and soot, and you also won't have to worry about keeping a supply of firewood in stock.

A Quality Outdoor Grill

One of the major reasons vacationers opt for homes instead of hotel rooms is so that they'll be able to cook at least some of their own meals instead of always having to depend on restaurants. Naturally, your vacation rental will have a serviceable kitchen with good pots and pans as well as utensils and dinnerware, but an outdoor grill can really cinch the deal when customers are wavering between different properties, especially if your vacation rental has a nice deck with an inspiring view. Keep in mind that grilling is traditional during popular vacation times such as the Fourth of July and Labor Day. 

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